Signi Aluminium Standard Production Process

Signi Coating Production

1. Tension Leveling
2. Cleaning and Pre-treatment
3. Coating
4. Curing
5. Quality Control
6. Protective Film Application
7. Further Processing

After coating, Signi Coat offers several services that can be applied to the coil as per customer requirements.
1. Slitting
2. Cut-to-length
3. Embossing

Powder Coating Production

Powder coating process is a simple process requiring minimal skills and training The articles to be coated are first cleaned of all foreign matter from the surface, aluminum plates or components go through a chromate conversion coating. This, known as pre-treatment, is employed for improved bonding of the powder coat to the materials being coated to provede a long life to the coat. The method employed usually is a dip in chemicals and water in various tanks. Occasionally, the process may be automated through a spray pretreatment process.

Powder Coating Production :
1. Preliminary Treatment
2. Hanging
3. Painting
4. Inspection
5. Packing

Packing Process

1. Use the insulation paper、plastic thin film and air bubble film wrapping the aluminum coil, sealed package, moisture proof and dust-proof ;

2. Use the non-woven material wrapping the aluminium coil’s outer packing, filmly bandaged;
Use the hard kraft paper wrapping the outer packing surface, bundled with packing belt;

3. Packing with wooden case, wrap with steel belt, keep solid;

Quality Inspection

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