Rolling Coating Aluminum coil sheet production process

Rolling Coating Aluminum coil sheet production process

Roller coating aluminum coil is based on coating roll as the carrier of coating. The coating forms a wet film with a certain thickness on the surface of the coating roll. With the help of the contact between the coating roll and the coated object in the process of rotation, the coating is coated on the surface of the coated object. Roller coating aluminum coil is suitable for the coating of metal plates, especially for the high-speed coating of metal rolls. Roller coating aluminum coilrequires that the coating has good leveling, wettability and adhesion, and has a certain degree of hardness. It has good weatherability and stain resistance, fast curing and film-forming speed. Roller coating has the following characteristics:


(1) High-speed automatic painting operation, fast painting speed, high production efficiency, line speed is generally above 60 m/min, up to 244 m/min (currently domestic equipment painting line speed is generally 10-60 m/min);

(2) There is no paint mist and the utilization ratio of paint is close to 100%.

(3) Applicable to all kinds of viscous coatings, the film thickness can be accurately controlled, uniform thickness;

(4) Both positive and negative coatings can be applied at the same time.

But Roller coating aluminum coil  is only suitable for flat coating, not for other forms of coatings. Because roll coating machine adopts a unified coating circulating conveying and recycling system, the amount of coatings input is large, and it is not suitable for multi-varieties and small batch production. Coatings are transferred to the surface of coatings in the form of wet film on the surface of coatings rollers, solvent volatilization is fast, and the viscosity of coatings is prone to change in the process of roll coating. If the process conditions are not properly controlled, coating is not suitable. Membrane is prone to roll marks.

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