PE /PVDF coated aluminum ACP

PE /PVDF coated aluminum ACP

 PE coated aluminum ACP, generally used for interior wall,  PVDF coated aluminum ACP, generally used for wall decoration, and the thickness of the best in 4mm or more than 4mm.

 PE/PVDF coated aluminum ACP are both paints used to coat the surfaces of aluminum-plastic panels.


PE/PVDF coated aluminum ACP are manufactured by signi aluminium China. Width is 1220mm ~1500mm, thickness is 0.18 ~0.25mm, alloy is 1100 H18, good flatness and coating, suitable for ACP plate manufacturing.

  1. PVDF coated aluminum ACP: at least double coated, more than 70% fluorocarbon content, one layer of paint scraped off the surface and one layer of primer. Measured with film thickness instrument, > 0.025㎜. Use butanone rub to try 200 times not to show bottom.
  2. PE coated aluminum ACP : with film thickness tester > 0.016㎜, with butanone wipe 100 times.


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