HDPE coating aluminium coil-Alloy1100 H18

HDPE coating aluminium coil-Alloy1100 H18

According to different requirements of customers, HDPE coating aluminum coil will purchase corresponding alloy and aluminum coil in corresponding state. The typical alloy states are HDPE coating aluminum coil 1100h18, HDPE coating aluminum coil 1100h24, etc,

Production process of HDPE coating aluminum coil:

After unwinding, pretreatment, chromating, drying, roller coating, drying, inspection, winding, packaging, single drying and single coating process, there are also roller coating and drying double drying and double coating process, color coated aluminum coil


HDPE coating aluminum coil packing

Paper core: 405mm and 505mm inner diameter horizontal packing

Protective film: transparent film, and can be customized according to customer requirements with customer trademarks

Application of HDPE coating aluminum coil-alloy1100 h18

  1. Color coated aluminum coil, aluminum plastic plate, integrated metal insulation board, aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum ceiling and sheet
  2. Aluminum metal roof, aluminum corrugated board, inner aluminum plate, external aluminum plate, rolling shutter door, water pipe and decorative strip
  3. External aluminum packaging of pipeline, traffic signs, aluminum curtain wall, aluminum cooker, solar panel, etc

4.Air conditioning foil, condenser, panel and interior panel


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